COVID-19 Safety - Socatots Australia


Socatots Australia is a registered COVID-safe business

Participant Safety

The safety and well-being of all children, parents/carers and staff is our highest priority.​  We are a registered COVID-safe business and diligently follow our COVID-19 Safety Plan.  All updates from the NSW government will be reviewed frequently to ensure compliance to the latest restrictions and guidelines.

The following important protocols are in place for all Socatots classes, in line with government guidelines:
  • All particpants must be registered prior to attending a class

  • Parents/guardians are to maintain appropriate social distances during class

  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the facility.  Please use upon arrival and before departing the facility.

  • Upon arrival, please check in using the Socatots QR code displayed at the gate/main door or registration table.  Don't forget to check out when you leave the facility.

  • There is to be no sharing of food or drink or any other personal items, particularly water bottles.

  • Please do not attend any Socatots classes if:

    • you have any symptoms of a virus (such as sore throat, fever regardless of how mild, loss of taste, runny nose, etc.)

    • you have been in direct contact with anyone showing symptoms of a virus as mentioned above

    • you are awaiting the results of a COVID test, or have been in contact with someone awaiting the results of a COVID test

    • you have travelled to one of the hotspots identified by the NSW government as detailed on the NSW Government website here.

  • We kindly ask parents/carers to discourage your child from touching their face or putting equipment near their mouth and nose.

Continuous Monitoring

We will continue to monitor and review all policies and guidelines issued by government authorities as listed below: